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1.0 Permits oversized cargo
2.0 Securing & lashing
3.0 Heavy transport
4.0 Cranes & heavy lifting
6.1 type of ships breakbulk
6.2 Incoterms liabilities
6.3 Porthandling breakbulk
6.4 Seafreight heavy cargo
6.5 Inland barges
7.1 Contracts & risks
7.2 Conditions & liability
7.3 Negotiating & communication
8.0 Masterclass heavy cargo
8.1 Calculations larges projects

Module 2

Securing heavy cargo and lashing

  • Liability and responsibility
  • Forces arsing during transport
  • Principle of load securing
  • Freestanding cargo
  • Securing loads by lashing
  • Fixed load securing
  • Combined load securing
  • Lashing straps
  • Lashing chains
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Friction forces coefficient
  • Lashing points on the vehicle
  • Examples of securing heavy loads
  • Example of concrete house not properly secured
  • Accidents due to insufficient load securing
  • Low bed and railroad intersections
  • Long vehicles and accidents in curves
  • Accidents with heavy duty vehicles
  • Video on youtube, 38 slides

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